Swedish-style nicotine pouches do not increase cancer risk.


Ramboll, “Systematic Review and Update of the Literature on the Health Effects of Swedish Snus.” (2019). Note: Published by Swedish Match, not peer-reviewed.

  • This study is an update of the 2013 Environ report, which conducted a systematic review of the literature available on snus (Swedish-style nicotine pouches).
  • The original Environ report was submitted to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as part of Swedish Match’s application to have 8 of its snus products classified as modified risk tobacco products.
  • According to the report, several studies have researched the potential health risks associated with the use of snus and found that it is significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and is not linked to the development of health problems.
  • Research has shown that the use of snus is not linked to an increased risk of cancer including oral, throat or lung cancers.
  • Researchers have discovered that snus users do not have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease or suffering a stroke.