E-cigarettes help smokers quit and stay off cigarettes long term

Addictive Behaviours Journal

Jackson SE et al., ‘Associations between dual use of e-cigarettes and smoking cessation: A prospective study of smokers in England,’ Addiction Behaviour, 2020 April, 103:106.

Key findings:

    • The study of 1,498 UK smokers found that smokers who also vaped were twice as likely to give up smoking after one year than smokers who didn’t.
    • Smokers who used vapes were just as likely to successfully quit smoking as those who use nicotine replacement therapies (NRT).
    • There is no evidence to support concerns that ‘dual-use’ of vaping products and cigarettes prevents smokers from quitting. 
    • “In England, dual use of e-cigarettes is not associated with reduced overall quit rates compared with exclusive smoking or dual use of NRT.”