Nicotine pouch use has helped Sweden achieve the lowest smoking rate in Europe

Royal College of Physicians

Royal College of Physicians, ‘Nicotine without smoke Tobacco harm reduction A report by the Tobacco Advisory Group of the Royal College of Physicians,’ 2016

  • The report assesses the use of harm reduction in tobacco smoking.
  • It found that the use of nicotine pouches in Sweden demonstrates that a substantial proportion of smokers will switch to low risk, affordable alternatives if they’re made available.
  • Particularly among men, the availability of nicotine pouches as a substitute for smoking has helped to reduce smoking rates in Europe which are now by far the lowest in Europe.

Key findings: 

    • It’s estimated that over 10 years (1995-2005), nicotine pouches helped to reduce smoking rates in Sweden by an additional 3.7 percentage points. 
    • The evidence from Sweden suggests that harm reduction products could help to reduce smoking rates by an extra 0.4% per year.
    • “The evidence from Sweden suggests that the harm reduction could add a further 0.4 percentage points per year to the rate of decline in smoking prevalence and hence make a substantial contribution to public health.”