Vaping by teenagers is low

Action on Smoking and Health 

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), ‘Use of e-cigarettes among young people in Great Britain’, June 2021

Key facts:

  • The UK has a high vaping rate with more than 3 million vapers, yet the evidence shows that teenagers are not regularly vaping.
  • Research by the UK’s leading anti-smoking NGO found that a large majority of 11-17 year olds have never tried (77.7%) or are unaware of e-cigarettes (10.5%).
  • Young people aged 11-18 years old vape mainly just to give it a try (49.3%) not because they think it looks cool (1.2%). They are unlikely to choose e-cigarettes because they are easier to access (1.1%) or cheaper (0.8%) than tobacco cigarettes.
  • ASH concluded that “while some young people experiment with e-cigarettes, particularly those who have tried smoking, regular use remains low.”