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Nicotine pouches

What are nicotine pouches?

This product is a permeable pouch that resembles a small tea bag. It is placed in the mouth between the gum and cheek, where it releases nicotine. After use, the pouch is discarded.

Nicotine pouches contain zero tobacco, they don’t emit any smoke or vapour.

They contain pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, along with food-grade fillers, salt and water. They come in different flavours.

Pouches do not contain tobacco or emit smoke.

Unlike e-cigarettes, pouches are not inhaled and do not emit vapour.

How should oral nicotine products be regulated?

Nicotine Pouch Safety

“Nicotine pouches are not burnt and do not contain tobacco or the thousands of chemicals present in cigarette smoke (reduced exposure) meaning that they are significantly less harmful than cigarettes”

Oral Nicotine Commission

“Nicotine pouches can be reasonably expected to be of harm reduction potential if used for complete substitution by current users”

Sudhanshu Patwardhan, Karl Fagerström

Nicotine Pouch Science

In Sweden, nicotine pouches have decreased smoking rates to 7%, compared to the European Union average of 23%


According to the Royal College of Physicians “particularly among men, the availability of snus as a substitute for smoking has helped to reduce the prevalence of smoking in Sweden, which is now by far the lowest in Europe.”

Royal College of Physicians

Swedish men have a 44% lower tobacco-related mortality rate compared to men elsewhere in Europe

Institute of Tobacco Studies

The FDA allows approved nicotine pouches to advertise that they’re less harmful than cigarettes


355,000 lives could be saved if EU countries replicated Sweden’s tobacco consumption patterns

Modern Oral Nicotine Commission

75% of smokers use nicotine pouches for harm reduction purposes

European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA)

Scientific research into nicotine pouches is a new and evolving area. Due to the limited available research, we have included several industry-funded studies that meet our strict quality standards. All studies have been peer-reviewed and independently published unless stated otherwise.

Nicotine pouches have similar risks as NRTs – just 2% the risk of cigarettes.

Drug and Chemical Toxicology

Nicotine pouches are not a gateway to smoking.

Harm Reduction Journal

Swedish-style nicotine pouches do not increase cancer risk.


Nicotine pouches have similar toxicant levels to NRTs.

Food and Chemical Toxicology

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