355,000 lives could be saved if EU countries replicated Sweden’s tobacco consumption patterns

Modern Oral Nicotine Commission

Oral Nicotine Commission 2020 Report, ‘Prevent disease, save lives. An introduction to oral nicotine delivery systems.’

The Modern Oral Nicotine Commission is an independent body made up of leading figures in the international medical, scientific and public health policy communities.

The report aims to raise awareness and explain the role of oral nicotine delivery systems in tobacco harm reduction.

Key Facts:

  • Tobacco-free nicotine pouches are “one of the most exciting opportunities yet to help prevent tobacco-related disease and premature death, by persuading cigarette smokers who can’t quit, to switch to a simple, uncomplicated, tobacco-free substitute.”
  • In Sweden where nicotine pouch use has been displacing smoking, adult daily smoking prevalence has already fallen to 5% – compared to a European Union average of 26%.
  • If other EU countries practised the same tobacco consumption patterns as Sweden – no less than 355,000 lives per year could have been saved, most of them men over the age of 30. 
  • Oral nicotine contains no vapour meaning it’s risk profile is potentially even lower than vaping which is widely regarded as 95% less harmful than tobacco.