In Sweden, nicotine pouches have decreased smoking rates to 7%, compared to the European Union average of 23%


European Commission, “Special Eurobarometer 506: Attitudes of Europeans towards tobacco and electronic cigarettes,” February 2021

Key facts:

  • 28,288 Europeans were surveyed on their attitudes towards tobacco and nicotine products.
  • The research found that Sweden had by far the lowest smoking rate in Europe at 7%. The next closest countries were the UK and the Netherlands both at 12%. The EU average was 23%.
  • Swedish smokers also smoke the fewest number of cigarettes per day (9.1).
  • The low smoking rates can be attributed to the high use of nicotine pouch alternatives with one in five reporting using nicotine pouches. 
  • Sweden also has very high quit rates. One-third of Swedes report successfully giving up smoking (33%) compared to the EU average of 22%.