Vapers 5x more likely to quit than those who go cold turkey


Mc Dermott et al, “The effectiveness of using e-cigarettes for quitting smoking compared to other cessation methods among adults in the United Kingdom,” Addiction, Volume 116, Issue 10, October 2021.

Key points:

    • The study by King’s College London found that people who used vape products to help them stop smoking were between three and five times more likely to quit smoking for a month than smokers who did not use any cessation aid.
    • By comparison, nicotine gums and patches and anti-smoking medication had little to no effect on smoking cessation.
    • The study, which examined data on cessation involving 1,115 smokers in the UK, found that the likelihood of cessation was also reduced by non‐daily vaping.
    • The researchers said that “despite the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cautious stance on e-cigarettes, studies like ours show they are still one of the most effective quitting aids available.”
    • “Our results show that when used daily, e-cigarettes help people to quit smoking, compared to no help at all. These findings are in line with previous research, showing that e-cigarettes are a more effective aid for quitting than nicotine replacement therapy and prescribed medication.”