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Vaping (E-cigarettes)

What is Vaping?

E-cigarettes work by heating an e-liquid solution inside a cartridge and inhaling the vapour.

Vaping contains zero tobacco and does not emit any smoke.

E-liquids mainly consist of pharmaceutical grade nicotine, distilled water, an inert diluent (such as propylene glycol) and flavourings.

Vaping Safety


Vaping is 95% less harmful and of negligible risk to bystanders.

Public Health England.

Vaping Science:

“E-cigarettes help smokers to stop smoking in the long term.”

Cochrane Library

Vaping is twice as effective as NRT.

New England Journal of Medicine

E-cigarettes help smokers get off and stay off cigarettes long term.

Addictive Behaviours Journal

Vaping helps 50,000-70,000 smokers quit every year in the UK.


700,000 smokers have quit thanks to vaping in France.

European Journal of Public Health

90% of smokers start vaping to help them quit.

European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA)

Vapers 5x more likely to quit than those who go cold turkey


Regular use of vaping by teenagers is low

Action on Smoking and Health

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