90% of smokers start vaping to help them quit

European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) 

‘The EU nicotine users survey 2020,’ June 2021

  • The survey analysed the response of more than 37,000 submissions to ETHRA’s online EU Nicotine Users Survey.
  • Safer nicotine products help hugely with quitting smoking. Among those who were ever smokers, 73.7% of nicotine pouch users and 83.5% of vapers had stopped smoking.
  • Harm reduction was the most strongly cited reason for adopting vapes (93%), followed by quitting smoking for more than 90% of vapers. Harm reduction was also the most common reason cited for using nicotine pouches (75%) followed by quitting smoking (60%).
  • Reduced costs, flavours, availability of products and (specifically for vapers) the ability to adjust vaping products, are all important factors for consumers when adopting harm reduction products.
  • 60% of users would look for alternative untaxed sources of e-liquids when high taxes were introduced. 
  • If flavours were banned, more than 71% of vapers would look for alternative sources to the legal market.