Nicotine pouches are not a gateway to smoking.

Harm Reduction Journal

Clarke, E. et al., Snus: a compelling harm reduction alternative to cigarettes, Harm Reduction Journal 16, 62 (2019)

  • This peer-reviewed study showed that the use of Swedish-style nicotine pouches (snus) is significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes, is acceptable to consumers and does not serve as a gateway to smoking.
  • European data published by the World Health Organisation showed that Sweden (where snus is primarily used) had the lowest rate of tobacco-related deaths and the lowest incidence of male lung cancer in comparison to the rest of Europe. Daily cigarette use amongst Swedes is 5% while daily oral tobacco use is 20%.
  • The overall data shows that snus offers a significant tobacco harm reduction benefit.
  • The FDA stated that the “available evidence does not demonstrate significant youth initiation of these products.”