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Tobacco Harm Reduction

New E-book: Interview with a Cancer Research Scientist

By 29 Jul 2022Aug 3rd, 2022No Comments

“There is sufficient evidence that cancer incidence and prevalence rates are increasing in Kenya, as well as globally. Preliminary results from some studies indicate that lifestyle and exposure to environmental toxicants are the major factors driving high cancer prevalence in Kenya.” says Patricque Kimuyu MIPH.

We interviewed Mr. Patricque Kimuyu, MIPH from Kenya, to find out about his work and career. Patricque has completed extensive research in the field of cancer research and now focuses on the areas of gastrointestinal, cervical, liver and breast cancers. 

Find out more about his work, the cancer awareness campaigns he is involved with and the health advocacy and charity work he immerses himself in on a regular basis.



22 Nov 2022 in Tobacco Harm Reduction

Frankfurt University E-Cig Conference brings together global experts on tobacco harm reduction. “5% by 2040 – can we do it? – Promising smoking cessation strategies”.

The Institute for Addiction Research (ISFF) organised the 5th specialist conference on October 12th, 2022. The 5th conference is about…
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9 Nov 2022 in Tobacco Harm Reduction

CASA Chairman, Joseph Magero, features on Live interview programme (K24 This Morning); speaking about safer alternatives to smoking, and how these products helped him to quit cigarettes all – together.

Joseph states “we need to look at the scientific evidence that is on the table, and to let the smoker…
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2 Nov 2022 in Tobacco Harm Reduction

Spain: A call to its government: letter published by our Spanish comrades is backing a smoke-free Spain, supported by 170 national and international health experts.

The latest available data on smoking rates in Spain shows that approximately 30% of adults between 15-64 are current smokers.…
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26 Oct 2022 in Tobacco Harm Reduction

Large US Survey Shows The Implications Of E – Cigarette Users Vaping Flavours To Quit Smoking

Large US survey shows that smokers who use e-cigarettes with non - tobacco flavours are more likely to quit smoking…
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