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Product Safety Standards of Oral Nicotine in Africa

By 23 Feb 2022No Comments

A Call For Product Safety Standards, Says Tobacco Harm Reduction Experts

A group of world-renowned tobacco harm reduction experts spoke at the Africa Tobacco Harm Reduction Forum (ATHRF) a week ago, to discuss a potentially transformational product for the Africa market: #OralNicotine (Is it a gateway to a smoke-free Africa?).

Watch the full event recording on the AHRA YouTube channel!



22 Nov 2022 in Tobacco Harm Reduction

Frankfurt University E-Cig Conference brings together global experts on tobacco harm reduction. “5% by 2040 – can we do it? – Promising smoking cessation strategies”.

The Institute for Addiction Research (ISFF) organised the 5th specialist conference on October 12th, 2022. The 5th conference is about…
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9 Nov 2022 in Tobacco Harm Reduction

CASA Chairman, Joseph Magero, features on Live interview programme (K24 This Morning); speaking about safer alternatives to smoking, and how these products helped him to quit cigarettes all – together.

Joseph states “we need to look at the scientific evidence that is on the table, and to let the smoker…
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2 Nov 2022 in Tobacco Harm Reduction

Spain: A call to its government: letter published by our Spanish comrades is backing a smoke-free Spain, supported by 170 national and international health experts.

The latest available data on smoking rates in Spain shows that approximately 30% of adults between 15-64 are current smokers.…
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26 Oct 2022 in Tobacco Harm Reduction

Large US Survey Shows The Implications Of E – Cigarette Users Vaping Flavours To Quit Smoking

Large US survey shows that smokers who use e-cigarettes with non - tobacco flavours are more likely to quit smoking…
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